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Good morning guys, thought I had better do one of these.

Firstly it was a shock for Andy Murray to lose last night.

Friday:- got to work and got told your off Saturday (as I had said I wanted to go to the rugby at Oban), do the rota. Now I did one where I could have done backshift most of the week. There was 2 members of staff off in supermarket but thankfully they got somebody else from dayshift.

Everything went really well at work that day. I had to cut the amounts of days for somebody else but that was ok.

Friday night 5.15 I got the bus into Ayr and got a train to Glasgow. I had already booked a hotel for £30 a night. I got there, but had to taxi to the Argyll Guest House in Sauchiehall Street. The room was across the road from reception. The room was very clean, good facilities, good bathroom and normal sized bed.

I had went up to go and see Rockaoke in Oneills in Sauchiehall Street where Kirsty Crawford was there. Unfortunately I didn't know many people there. I got there about obout 8pm. I wanted to sing all the small things, but that was claimed already. I started with American Idiot by Green Day. I thought there was going to be a screen, there wasn't. I did lose my place but it was ok. In the 2nd half I started it with Chelsea Dagger by The Fratellis. It was a great night. I had about 7 pints I think and got asked to leave about midnight. The security guard was right there. I couldn't say goodbye to Kirsty though, sorry about that. I went to a shop and got a taxi to guest house after getting muchies.

Next morning I got up at 7am, hungover ofcourse. I had booked a taxi for 830am. I had to go down to Q8 services at Kilmarnock to get bus to Oban Lorne RFC.

I got there on time and even managed to get lunch fae Greggs.

The rugby was very wet. We visited The Green Welly Stop at Tyndrum. It looked really good, apart from the fact there wasn't enough staff as long wait for teas. People were late back for the bus. I even sell some of the stuff they have in there. I also reckon its profit margins look like 50/60% (just my opinion).

We got to Oban Lorne RFC about 215pm and the players got warmed up quickly as the rain continued. We just lost. I stayed sober coming back down as I working Sunday.

Ok, got home about 1030pm, tired. I didn't stay up late that night.

Since then its been basically working. Sunday 10-5 then backshift Essentials btu got a good lunch on Monday at Wellington Cafe, Ayr for £3.

Now I aint sure when my dayoff next is next week.

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