Sunday, 27 September 2009

Sunday 27th September rant.

Good morning all, this is Glasgows September weekend holiday and lets just say we have been busy.

I had to go between Essentials and Treasures Gift Shop after a quick phone call at 10am, saying was gift shop busy and it wasn't so I went up. They needed for people on the till and we were expecting an audit, so work was being done through in storeroom to prepare for that. It also didn't help that a member of staff was off sick.

So we got through the morning, I got to put ice and chips into a freezer, that was fun. The audit came when I was covering gift shop dinners and we were ok as far as I know. At this point I wasn't feeling great and phoned Alex the president of the rugby club as I was to do empties in Auchinleck Community Centre that night. He said he would cover it, more on this later.

At 1.20pm after getting most of my lunches covered, Jim (worked with him for years) said I could go for lunch and I disapeared off the till. I had 4 rolls, half a large chocolate bar and some juice. I needed that. We also had a very busy period with the ice cream around 3.15 with 2 of us serving at the same time. Over ten in that period. We also did the cleaning and then after Cameron had finished work the shop got quite, ofcourse until about 4.50pm when its ten minutes until we close. We have a bus to catch at 5.15pm, so it is always a rush.

When I was going home I was actually feeling better, so I phoned Alex and agreed to work last night. I got home, I had my ticket for Jon Allen at King Tuts Wah Wah Hut arrive in my letterbox (hurrah!), had a bath, had my dinner as well and watched some of the F1 qualifying. Then I went to the community centre, discovered they didn't need help there but discovered who was on the Cumnock rfc. We had 3 new lassies and 1 man who could only work to 10pm. It was about 8pm the now and I didn't want to work all night. Alex said can I go down. The bus got me down there 8.10pm. At maximum at about 9.20 there was about 40/50 even though it was set for 100. The 2 lassies through the front got there dinner and at 9.30pm somebody decided they were closing bar through in function hall. Now I asked who had ok'd this and I went to get Alex who I knew wouldn't approve this (I left my phone at home). We got the bar opened through the function hall. I had to stay until we closed now and they had to realise I was on the committee (and should listen to me). We then set whne last orders was and at midnight they questioned me again when said close that bar. So this time I had my phone and gave them Alex on the phone and that position change. I wasn't happy. We got the bar closed when I set and Sean's group went home quietly. We got the till done and my taxi was booked for 1.30am. So lets just say I was tired.

I hope today is better (thats the rant over)

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