Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Social Media Podcast Edition 9

I didn't get to the newmediabrekkie in Glasgow and after reading a couple of blogs and twitter posts on #nmb because I was working that morning. I was interested to listen to the latest Social Media Podcast which would hopefully cover what happened from the podcastmatters team.

During the event I get tweet Craig McGill who told me what was happening and that he is not the target market, that got me thinking that I thought he would be. After reading Iain M Hepburn and Craigs blogs

So firstly listen to the social media podcast which is on itunes They are advertising it at the top of the social media podcast page (scroll down to find feed and the rss feeds)(it's edition 9).

I was glad to hear Gordon explaining what he meant by newspapers (as in the physical paper (not online)).

A thank you as well to Gordon for retweeting me saying I had listened to the last podcast.

I am basically still interested as it does help if you are focused when you are interacting with social media.

For my lonely rugby club I do twitter (along with everything else I tweet on), proboards, blogs and now facebook fan page and it does take up my time updating them all and I feel it is getting too large for me (I am not alone). I have had some news I should have a webhost for the original website, which would let me remove proboard and focus it even more. I would keep my blog as I can feed the blog entries into the facebook page (within about an hour). The facebook page is already more popular than the amount of members on the proboard after only 1 week (and my viewing figures on the blog are not down).

Any advice guys.

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