Saturday, 22 August 2009

Saturday 6.30am

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Well since last talking on here the work as stayed fairly quite. One of my shop assistants has now finished her last full shift in my shop, she is going to supermarket as they are short staffed. I still have my a-team.

I also reduced the opening tired to 9-5 Friday-Monday and 10-5 Tue-Friday (after Steve agreed).

I went to go down for a quick pint in Cumnock Rugby Club last night and saw we only had 2 members of staff on, and it was busy. So I ended up working behind the bar for a few hours and getting a taxi home at midnight (as agreed with or rugby club president who was down then, I wasnt going to pay for it).

The night went quickly but we ran out a few things. It's been a while since I served behind the bar when it is busy. It got a little getting used to again.

On the computer front I have been on Absolute Radio a lot lately. I had a kudos level for rock god when I was there a number of months ago. I got down from level 10 to level 4, I think I am about 6/7 now and getting kudos is getting harder.

I have also been listening to Chris Moyles as normal and he did another karaoke with Rockaoke. Kirsty Crawford fronts that and a while ago I used to go to her gigs and after listening Friday morning, most of the performances they aired were as entertaining as me (you listening Snedwan). I hope this helps Kirsty's career anyway.

Its Cumnock Highland Games this weekend and I won't be there, but good luck to all.

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