Thursday, 20 August 2009

me and stuff

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Hello anybody reading this.

Well got to luck and yes the scottish schools are back from holiday so we only have English and some irish on park. It's not busy. I already have staff on holiday from my shop and I have booked 30th August and 10th October for rugby events as holidays.

Right I am going to go a bit political for a moment and telly as well. CNNI is reporting that La Megrahi is being released by the Scottish Courts. He isn't. It will be announced at 1pm scottish time that Kenny MacAskill the Scottish Justice Minister (and him alone) has decided to let him out early. Mr Macaskill is not a representative of the scottish courts, the government yes. If anyone thinks this is wrong tell me.

I thinks that me done on that subject. Next few nights will be rugby dominated. Buy the Cumnock Chronicle for rugby report IN THE PAPER.

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