Thursday, 2 July 2009

What a morning

Map of Ayrshire, ScotlandImage via Wikipedia

This is the view from the top of Ochiltree, Ayrshire at about 7.20am when I am on the bus to Ayr, heading for work. It was my day off but Rachel is still off.

I get in and see my boss and says I am to go as soon as the rest of the staff come in. So basically I got up at 6am to work for an hour. Would you think I am happy.

So got Myra and Ann briefed on what I hoep they can do (which they can unless it goes mad, but Essentials WILL HELP, if and when they need it.

I got the 10.15am bus from the work and got home at about 11.30am. Thats the morning gone, I already washed my uniform for tomorrow.
So I listened to the Radio a lot this morning including the bad news about Hurlford Diageo plant that came out last night tweet about rugby, tennis and stuff.

Also last night I updated firefox to 3.5 version and now I use twitterfox for twitter.
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