Sunday, 2 August 2015

It's @bbcscotweather Kirsteen Macdonald and health stuff

I will do the nice part first with Kirsteen Macdonald on BBC Reporting Scotland Weather over Saturday and Sunday. Sunday Ok that's the nice looking bit, now the health bit (about me). On Wednesday I probably said I was at Dental Hygienist and during it I couldn't take spray and suction at same time but just thought it was sensitive, they did it the other way. I didn't think much of it. I was also coughing a bit during it. Thursday I was fine, sneezing a bit in evening. Friday I only had to go to club for 5.00 with cold and coughing until 7.00pm. I wasn't feeling right, now if you look back at july 2010 on this blog and I was just back home from months in hospital (Auchinleck at the time). I have heart condition. After leaving club I got lemsip cold and flu capsules and went home. I took them and couldn't get to sleep until 6.00am and got 4 hours sleep including 2 times I woke up. I was to head to club to let people in and felt terrible, stopped several times. After letting them in I went home via taxi. Later on I went to chippy about 50 meters away and still had to stop. I checked the lemsip, it gave warning about heart condition so that got me worried (and the lack of fitness). I got taxi and tried to see someone then after feeling unfit again, I told taxi driver to take me to a&e at Ayr Hospital (after getting £30). Got there 8.00pm. Checked stuff and got told I had chest infection and to take anti biotics for 5 days (A nurse gave me them). nothing to do with heart. My shortness of breathe is because of chest infection. I got home via lift at 10.45pm. I went to bed on top and got up 10.45am. It was a lot better night. So basically I am stuck at home. So that's it about me, bye for now.