Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Some BBC Reporting Scotland, STV Glasgow including @thelafontaines @kgun9

Hello everyone, how are we all. I discovered last night I have now passed 50,000 tweets on Thomasc1973 and I thanked John Mackay who congratulated me. I am not my views are always sensible (they ain't). For Stewart, Heather Macleod, John Mackay, Stuart Burns, Sparkle Monkey, STV Glasgow, David Farrell, Jennifer Reoch, Marjory King, Mary-lu engelbrecht, ashok, Chris, Mukesh Sharna DL, Iain Millar, Kirsty Miller Holmes, David Davidson, carol kirkwood fan club, Judith Ralston, Dyjan Harkins all interacting with me on twitter in past day, THANK YOU. After yesterday's rain I've done a funny periscope on my washing is out today. Periscope video. So to caps, let's start with Caroline Henderson on Reporting Scotland. On reporting Scotland this morning we had Judith Ralston Now David Farrell came back from holiday with a lovely suntan on Riversideshow with Jennifer Reoch, in tea for a tenner, David didn't do the lemons correctly and I thought about not capping, then went thought this was TV gold. We also had Katie Palmer and Rachael Fulton in this set as well. We also had The Lafontaines on STV Glasgow at T in the Park, George Ward also appeared on these. Next up before heading to bed I got some Yellow Monday with Stella Inger, Erin Christiansen and Guy Atchley on kgun9 This morning on Good Morning Britain we had Laura Tobin This morning I also cut keys, been to club twice. It's quiz tonight and dentist tomorrow. Thanks for reading and enjoying.