Thursday, 4 June 2015

It's Thursday 4th June 2015

Well it's 2 days to Ladies day at Cumnock Rugby Club. Andy Murray won quarter final yesterday and has Djokovic next on Friday. Start caps with Annita McVeigh on BBC News. Next up I move to World Business Report and Sally Bundock Next on BBC London its Kate Kinsella who used to be called sunflower Kate on twitter. This outfit certinally is bright and beautiful. Next up we have Alina Jenkins who covers lots of areas, but hasn't done South Today for about 8 years. Ok I watched some periscope as well (I even did 1 myself) the Real Mackay 5.20pm was a good one. On kgun9 I have some Liz Kotalik, Rikki Mitchell, Keaton Thomas, Stella Inger & Guy Atchley. Bye for now.