Wednesday, 10 June 2015

It's STV Glasgow with @thelafontaines Kirsteen Macdonald, some periscope and @weather_kaye

So last night after coming back from a quick trip to club I saw The Lafontaines were on Riversideshow, so I saw first tune recorded and got caps of 2nd one. These include Jennifer Reoch and David Farrell. Now the Lafontaines have a new album called "class" and just in case this is all I did, I bought it. Now onto other stuff, at lunchtime I got some Kirsteen Macdonald on lunchtime BBC Reporting Scotland I also as normal watched on kgun9 from Arizona and Liz Kotalik got to 4m hearts. I also saw later on some Kaye Forster on East Midlands Today and took some caps of certain times. So it's a lovely day outside and I have stuff to do, bye for now.