Tuesday, 5 May 2015

The rugby, weather, business and periscope.

Afternoon all, how are we all. Let's start with Saturday. Cumnock 1st team was playing last league game against Lanark and Tober shouted me while I was doing teamsheet. Most should remember we were at Murrayfield 2 weeks ago. 3 management got runners up medal. Somehow somebody decided I should get one, so me not knowing got presented a runner up medal. They wanted a speech, I said thanks and win the game (Cumnock won 54-10). Ok now some weather with Judith Ralston on yesterday on Reporting Scotland. Next up Rebecca Wood on Midlands Today. Next up on World Business Report, Sally Bundock So now to talk about periscope. Last night I watched Lj Rich with her #ljtunes. It's best 45 minutes of music I have watched. LJ also works on bbc click. Another thing I watch during day is Kgun9 In Tucson and Liz Kotalik During day. They start 5.00am, even though it's 1.00pm here. So bye from me.