Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Its Wednesdays blog with Periscope on android and lots of @judithralston @lauratobin1 @stvkellyann

So yesterday periscope launched on android, I got it downloaded for phone and started using it. I am thomasc1973 (same as twitter). I did some scopes about awards at rugby club and showing quiz results in royal. I watched TV Live, john Mackay, Dan Snow, Colin Kelly, Tim Chapman, Sparklemonkey, Alex Pettitt, Tasmin Lucia Khan, Paul C, Penguin 6, Stella Inger, Guy Atchley, Greg Grulle and Liz Kotalik. I have to say Liz is da best when it comes to periscope and doing it while on air. Here are some caps from kgun 9. Next up some Judith Ralston from yesterday lunchtime and then this morning. Next up some good morning Britain and Laura Tobin I am going to finish with Kelly Ann Woodland on STV News Now you probably think this blog is early. I checked my calendar last night and saw its lunch today so I have to get 11.30am depart. I also have to go to O2 shop today as well. Bye for now.