Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Some STV Edinburgh and Glasgow

Well yesterday I went and saw The Theory of Everything after going to New Look in Kilmarnock. It's brilliant (the movie)

I have decided to show a few more from STV Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Firstly here is some Glasgow presenters/reporters, first is Storm Huntley.

Now a bit of Colin Stone from Friday. He was dancing Monday but there was children there, so no capping of that. I did laugh a lot at his timing, but very entertaining.

Next up Rachael Fulton

On Friday Gerry Cassidy was with Amy Irons (who is normally a reporter on STV Glasgow News). I do like a bright dress 😄

To finish from Monday David Farrell and Jennifer Reoch

Now for a few in Edinburgh, first up Zara Janjua

We have Fi Miller doing What's on guide

I better not forget STV Edinburgh other reporter George Ward

The presenters of Fountainbridge show Ewan Cameron and Hayley Matthews

You may notice I didn't do many today. There is a new fan of STV Glasgow called STVGlasgowFans on twitter and facebook, go follow them for more regular updates. Also talking of fans I hope Sparklemonkey keeps enjoying her new job.

Bye for now.