Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Wednesday 17th December and some lunchtime News (oh and it's my birthday).

Well this morning I got email saying Bishopton had conceded semi final so Cumnock are in BT West Regional Bowl Final. Enjoyed that.

While I was doing that I published Festive Opening Times

So I had about an hour to do some capping.

Only got one of glittery Kawser Quamer on Reporting Scotland.

Next up I got some STV Glasgow and Kelly Ann Woodland

Next up I got some Storm Huntley on STV Glasgow weather

Next up I got some ITV National News with Ranvir Singh

I also did national weather with Becky Mantin

To finish I got some Sean Batty on STV Weather

I after that saw Ian and went down to club. I got home with facebook messenger busy I had blocked posting on my wall. It's my birthday today, so it's a time I get posting them. Yip that's it I'm past the big 40, let's see if I make it to next one.