Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Some @stvglasgow #riversideshow with @thelafontaines plus some bbc news

Hello, on Friday The Lafontaines were on Riverside Show.

This is the official video of Shark in the water.

But on Friday all the lafontaines did it acoustically. The riverside show is still on STV Player if you want to watch it.

So here are my caps of it

Now it's about 5 years I have been following The Lafontaines, even only 4 weeks after I left hospital in 2010, so don't think I am jumping on a band waggon. Here is a link to my blog then http://thomasblah.blogspot.co.uk/2010/08/lafontaines.html

So I was pleased when riversideshow put my tweet on air.

Now to do some other STV Glasgow Riverside show.

So hope you enjoyed Rachael Fulton and Katie Palmer there

Now to finish with last day on BBC News Channel in UK for Matthew Amroliwala.

The following video is of some of my caps during July/August.

On Saturday I was up at Clydebank where our 2nd team got beat, but showed the new strip

So I hope you still like my blog, it had 1000 views last month, so thank you to everyone checking it out.