Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Television stuff to start today

Well I think I had better do 2 blogs today. Well I am starting with STV News and all this is about dark chocolate with Gordon Chree having to eat some So John and Raman had loads of words about it. I am also going to say now on Saturday I saw Anchorman 2 at Ayr and enjoyed it. Now I turned over to BBC Scotland and Christopher Blanchett was talking about upcoming winds (and yes when I was outside today it was windy). Now I was just going to do guys on today blog only but the St Johnstone vs Celtic story got my interest. Last night Celtic had said the ban was lifted. The ban was lifted this afternoon and I could see Jane Lewis getting some bad comments so I added Jane to this blog. I dont like to see journalists getting slagged for doing their jobs as you could see with Wendy Hurrell earlier in the year. Bye for now.