Wednesday, 28 August 2013

People showing their legs off!

Good morning, its been a while since I did this, but I have a theme this week. As the title suggests it's people showing their legs off. (sorry Wendy for earlier mistake). First off we will start with Sunday and Cumnock Highland Games That is Fiona Shields interviewing the rugby players in Tug Of War competition which they won against a team and got third. Next here are some pictures from Cumnock Highland Games Cumnock Highland Games was a great day for the weather, it was great to see as many people out enjoying all the good sights and sounds at Broomfield. Well next I will move to Monday, we had a course in club that night for rugby ready and it is improving every year, although I still don't like midges. It was a bank holiday in England and news had been shortened and I ended up doing some caps of BBC London. My favourite one of Wendy Hurrell was talking about head dresses at Notting Hill Carnival
Tuesday I went and saw We're the Millers It is very funny, I wasn't sure I would enjoy it, I even laughed. Then we move to Tuesday evening and BBC Reporting Scotland and sport with Rhona McLeod and in some of it they were talking about Andy Murray's defence of US Open title as he plays in first round Wednesday. My favourite which Rhona actually replied to (thank you)
was Rhona dancing feet which lasted about 2 seconds. Bye for now.