Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Moving home

Well for past couple of weeks you havent heard much from me.

Well thats because I have been busy.

About 3 weeks ago housing dept wanted a meeting with me at home.

Now I had one of those before and it usually means 1 thing. Moving!

Some of you may remember I was nearly dead in hospital just over 2 years ago and from that I got put on housing list at maximum points for my category.

The system changed and I kept waiting in Auchinleck and 18 steps to get to my landing. I wasnt sure if I had been forgot or nothing for me would come up.

So I had my meeting with housing. just patch that home. I can preoffer a house in central Cumnock. Would you like to accept subject to inspection. Yes!

So that afternoon I came down outside to look in windows and thats when I started packing. Housing will phone me when house is ready.

In the mean time me and Rodger fae rugby club a bet we made in June payout for Andy Murray at wimbledon and olympics which comes in very handy.

The council phoned last Wednesday. Friday 10.45am. So I come down.

I sign for it, get keys and carpet fitter. I get sizes and head to Killie to get carpets. The winnings r now spent on carpets.

Now firstly I talk to mates around rugby club can I get help moving, Mark, Tober, Rodger, Donald, Morton, Harry say yes when I knew I was going.

The now chuss the carpet fitter is fitting the carpets.

I have cooker, washing machine, fridge/freezer, chairs and couches, double bed, wardrobes still to shift to Cumnock. So anyone fae Rugby Club if you can help with the 18 steps they need to come down. See me and I will give you address to go to. Its for Tuesday night.

Beer will be included afterwards, the more the merrier.