Thursday, 5 July 2012

July - the month ahead

This is my lovely look north weather calendar with I bought from Paul Mooney in Carlisle and this is what is on it this month. Well we start with this Saturday, the 7th July and when I goto see Peter Andre and headliners Steps at hamilton Races. On Tuesday their live album appeared on spotify, so I have been geeting ready for it by listening to it and making plans to get their and back (easier than actually doing). Monday 9th the Rugby Club S2 team have a tea bingo in St Johns Chapel Hall. Tickets £1.00. I might even volunteer to help them. I haven't got a lot of prizes for them or play bingo. Friday 13th (yeah I know) has the club Annual General Meeting and i hope we get lots of people there. Next from the Saturday I am going through to see Mum and Andy in Fife at their new home. i haven't actually been to it yet, and this is about the only time I have been able to pencil in. On Friday 20th I am going to Glasgow Green to see Wet, wet, wet and I am old enough to remember them. Its going to be fun. Wednesday 25th July is a busy one. Frank and me are going to Sorn Inn (as long as it is open) for lunch. In the evening its the Cumnock RFC Quiz, here is hoping we get back to our winning ways. Next day is the Olympic Football at Hampden for Spain game. I think I might need to head to Glasgow early especially with all the security precautions being set up. I hope I see some superstars in the Spanish team. Friday 27th July is a quite morning/afternoon followed by at the opening of Auchinleck Festival and Jai McDowall is the main artist in Auchinleck Indoor bowling club, just down the bottom of the street (easy to walk home then). So I am going to be busy then. Remember my twitter is on public (which is getting me more replies) so follow me @thomasc1973 but spammers I don't follow or I may even block so don't bother. You can scan my QR code as well.