Tuesday, 1 May 2012

The past week

Well I will carry on from Wednesday of last week. On Wednesday evening I discovered, twitayr was meeting and decided after only eating large breakfast I would goto Ayr that night, so hello to the Michaels, Ben and Iain. Hope your feeling better. The meal we had was quite good at Smiths. I went to get 10.15 bus but there wasn't one. I am sure there was before. I got the 10.35 bus via Mauchline. So got home about 11.30. I stayed up until around 1am and got to bed, tired. Thursday I had anti-coag clinic in morning. It came out fine. I am not there for 8 weeks (yeah). I also changed my next of kin at hospital and GP surgery. My mum and Andy are moving to Fife tomorrow (Wednesday) to be closer to Sally, Alex and Xander. I wish them all luck. To be honest I don't see that much of her. I keep busy with rugby and other things to do, but I am sure I will still see her about. I am sure andy made the right decision. As you may have guessed I didn't want to put this online until now. Thursday evening I had rugby things to deal with, including paying for tour to Aberdeen on Saturday 12th. I am looking forward to this. As previous readers would have discovered I was going to New Media Breakfast on Friday morning. I still don't enjoy getting up at 5.30am, even though I "used to do it". It was good information at the breakfast and enjoyed seeing more new people. I was awake enough to network at 8am even if people don't always like when I say "Auchinleck", but prefer it when I spoke basic stats about facebook to show why a rugby webmaster would goto that. After it finished after 9am I had a bit of time in Glasgow. Now I have seen Captain America, Iron Man, Thor (you know where I am going) so I wanted to see Avengers Assemble. It was starting at Cineworld at 10.15am. It was in 3D but the 3d glasses in there are VERY GOOD. They fitted perfectly infront of my glasses. I would say it is my kind of movie but I did enjoy it and did not mind the near 3 hour movie. The movie finished at 1pm and I headed across the road to Buchanan Bus Station and got 1305 bus to Ayr. I had a lunch with Frank to goto. We went to McCabes. i think it has just been redone. There is a number of pubs which are looking like bars now after redevelopment. I had 3 courses as Breakfast wasnt that large and Frank had two. I had Ministrone Soup, Steak and Ale pie with chips. Now it wasn't a bought in steak pie, this was like a Desperate Dan pie. It was great. I had cheseecake as well, which was very well presented. I would reccomend it. I only paid between us with 1 can of coke each £20 as a total, very reasonable. I headed home to 1545 bus and got home and did Cumnock RFC stuff on the website and facebook. I went down to club in evening, not knowing most of middle of Cumnock had no power. So I had a good night in Cumnock RFC. Saturday I got up and watched WWE Smackdown and put my email on. Bannockburn RFC had been in touch with the club and needed someone to contact, so I phoned them up and discovered it was 1 game, so I text and phone the usual people at 830am and we sorted it out. I had a few things I did in club in morning before anything neeeded done and was busy most of the day with rugby. Bonus was that Cumnock won with some great rugby being played. I enjoyed it. My biggest surprise is how long Bannockburn stayed but I am sure they enjoyed themself. I left a while before them. I watched the voice during the evening and loved Jazz as usual. I headed back to Cumnock to enjoy John McBlain DJing at Cumnock TCs. I didn't wait all night as I wanted to goto Kilmarnock next morning. I also had pre-orders to download from Itunes. So I enjoyed NVS and Starboy Nathan, good singles. I got up around 8am and headed there on bus and we had some great rugby by Cumnock players. I got home at 2pm where there was an orange walk happening and relaxed for a couple of hours. I was in club that evening for the usual Sunday evening. I also went to MadHouse on Sunday evening, Young At Heart are a new band but they wernt really my taste for music. I prefer younger stuff (comes fae the man who went to JLS). I also see the Railway Hotel has been finished and looked very good (another place with a new bar out there). Monday I did my usual posting of match reports online and get them to Chronicle. also had eyes tested, they were fine. I also caught up with telly. I enjoyed most of the Manchester derby. Today I watched WWE raw from last night, it was a bit predictable at times. Tonight I think I will goto Royal Quiz at Cumnock as didn't goto last 2 there. Thursdays when rugby gets busy again. See you all soon.