Tuesday, 21 February 2012

rugby and stuff

Hello I know its been a while since I have been here, so felt I had better do an update. 1. The Background, with me sometimes working on Currentbunsuk I have been capturing various ladies around there. There now on the background of this blog, covering STV, Daybreak, BBC Scotland, BBC London and other parts of BBC. I hope you like them
Right, I have just been kept busy with rugby as usual. I have still been working on developing any style I may use during games when refereeing. On the official role on the committees I have had a few good things over the past few days. On Saturday the 1st XV won. It was great to see a great performance by us and get the result we deserve and needed. I just want it to continue. The minis also played well on the Sunday, which I liked as well. On Monday Tober gave me the job of contacting the Scottish Rugby Union about a mistake on the league table. I had spotted they had gave us 2 bonus points, but it was actually 3 we had. This meant for one we moved from bottom to 2nd bottom. I had atleast 3 people like it on facebook. Thankfully John from SRU sorted out the problem that day, so thank you John.
The second one was with Nick Rougvie, Head of Media Ops & Public Relations at Scottish Rugby Union. In mid December I got a message from Alex Dunsmuir from the club they wanted to speak to me. I got an email from Nick asking how we as a club use social media and for some reason he came to our club and as the webmaster he got me. I am thinking all the clubs in scotland and he heads for Cumnock RFC (nowhere near the top). Glasgow Warriors did help with the interacting they have done with the club, so a big thanks to them. It made it very easy for me to demonstrate the link between our club members (local and international), our pro club and even scotland team. We got in the post and it came to our committee meeting last night and I smiled again. It's on page 3, so if you receive Teamtalk magazine, check it out. On Sunday I am #backingblue and heading to Murrayfield to see Scotland vs France. I havent actually seen France live, but I am looking forward to it. I hope Stuart Hogg does well. I will try and not talk too much about rugby now but if you want to see my news item (mostly mine, apart from 2nd XV part) click this link Right what else have I been upto, not a lot really. Really enjoying NCIS, NCIS:LA and Hawaii 5-0 and we really coming upto WWE Wrestlemania at start of April. On Sunday I saw a band I think called Dreamcaster
The audio doesn't give justice to the playing and singing, they are very good. I hope you all like them. Well all of you take care and probably see you about.