Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Hello, quick one today

Right firstly, well done to Cumnock RFC 1st on winning Saturday and the under 15s proving they can run faster on Sunday.

So far its been the usual rugby week. Saturday was busy. Si and Angie came but I didn't get much chance to chat because I was busy with rugby stuff.

Alex Dunsmuir silver wedding was very nice, even if I had to drink lager because beer wasnt good in Dumfries Arms.

Sunday was more rugby, Monday was quick committee meeting, quite enjoyed getting my points across. I even did some website work when I got home.

Tuesday was the usual. It was also announced that james Bunten is away from The Sun Inn, Cumnock. It is a shame. he tried his best. It wont be the same.

Today I am going to Mauchline to do stuff quickly, then away to meet Frank in Ayr for lunch. He is deciding where we are going. Its the rugby club quiz tonight.

WWE Night of Champions wasnt any big shakes. We kinda knew what the results would be. Only trouble is someone who reads my blog is still to see it, so that is where I have to end.

The picture up the top is Victoria Hollins and Wendy Hurrell, which is why I remembered to have my pc on before 8am.

I also sent naz from sky news a video of the weather out there.

So you all have a good day out there.

and dont forget to keep listening to good music