Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Weddings and other stuff

So how are we all out there again. I know I haven't done this for a few days but I have been busy.

The picture above here on the left is Carol Kirkwood doing the weather but somebody didn't remove Manchester from the graphic for a number of seconds (I was waiting for Wendy Hurrell to come back on).

I can also report the weather report is right and it is raining outside this morning.

So I had better go back a few days. On Thursday I went to dentist at 11am for my teeth to get cleaned professionally. I then went with my 2 bags for the 11.45am bus to Glasgow. We got there at 1.15 as usual. I then got the Glenrothes bus at 1.30 and got there around 3.15pm. I got some wrapping paper to wrap David and Terri's wedding present and went to Leven around 4.10pm and got to sisters around 5pm. We didn't do much that night apart from David arriving late as he had said he would.

I didn't want a late night. I got up at 6.30am and enjoyed my coffee. While the rest of them went to hairdressers/work I just relaxed and got showered. I got changed at 1pm and we went to St Andrews. Alex found the right place and everyone got there nearly on time (Terri was stuck in traffic, but thats allowed).

The ceremony went well and then we went for afternoon tea. I met a lot of people there and had fun. Some photographs happened including me using my phone.

I told David and Terri about my last visit to the Carnoustie on 20th August (yes with rugby) and see them there. I had discovered I could leave Glenrothes at 7.05pm and be home in Auchinleck at 10.10pm that night. So we disapeared after 6.20ish and I got my connection. Everything went well on the journey home.

When I got home I watched Smackdown. It was quite well there recently, but its kinda going back to its normal mode.

Saturday morning. I woke up about 7am. I ironed my shirt, had a bath, shave (the usual) and headed to Cumnock nice and early. I got down to club around 10am. It was a busy day. I wont bore you with the story of all we did, but it was good, if not busy. I left there around 6pm, got my dinner and had another bath before having fun that night.

Sunday was fairly quiet apart from helping at bar in early evening. I made sure Monday I relaxed at home (which I did).

Yesterday I saw Stuart and did my usual Tuesday things.

I think that is everyone upto date.