Monday, 25 July 2011

Monday 25th July

Hello everyone.

How are we all getting on. Well Thursday was good, even when I tried to do a few things at the same time on Thursday night. Catriona came back from holiday and we all got set for Saturday. Friday was fairly quiet, just found the right gear for Saturday. Saturday my phone rang before 10am. After seeing there wasn't a lot of people volunteered for afternoon at bag pack, I said I would do afternoon. I got the 10.45am bus to Killie and headed up there. I think it was a good day for us, not sure. But a big thank you to anyone who saw the Cumnock Rugby Club pack your bags (when you let us). Nobody complained at me at least.

At 4pm we finished. I had seen someone buy something come through my till earlier and said I could get that for my brothers wedding in two weeks, so after I finished bagpacking I went and got it and bought it (well I was getting a lift home). But I aint saying what it is incase my brother reads this, which I think he does.

Then we came home, I saw news on Norway and the upward way the death toll was going and Amy Winehouse being dead. I wish I could say it surprised me, but it didn't.

Next I went down at 6pm to club for bbq and karaoke.

Bobby did the cooking and I sent it indoors. I started the karaoke with Bonkers and Andrew thought I was.

Andrew was a good singer himself.

Sorry for the sound quality.

Also Monty did some singing (like most of them)

@montyno3 at Cumnock RFC by thomasblah

Then after the karaoke we went and had fun up the middle of Cumnock. It wasn't bad.

Got up the next morning fairly ok and had a quiet day.

Now we are back to Monday and I hope we all have a good week. This morning I ordered and paid for Xander birthday party on Amazon and its getting delivered to Fife.

See you later.