Friday, 7 January 2011

hello - Thursday

Just a quick hello fae me. Yesterday was busy. My broadband speed finally got back to something near normal (hurrah). I hope you are all enjoying Billy's singing from last night. The rugby training was freezing last night (-5) my red Cumnock RFC jumper was very good. I still could't catch a high ball though(this is why I don't play rugby). I printed off the s1,s2, under 16 fixtures off the website and 1st & 2nd XV senior rugby before trying to move about from 8pm to 9pm down at Cumnock Academy astroturf.

The start of Thursday was busy as well, I went to EACH and anti-coag clinic and it went fine. Next I headed to rugby club with the cables for plugging in ipod (iphones) into soundsystem. Next I headed for Ayr. I got me a pair of black trousers at Slaters and got my mums birthday which is tomorrow (Saturday) and got her ****************** (no you aint finding out).

Then phoned Andy and discovered he needed someone in his house when he was going out, so I headed there. At 4pm I got home and printed out those sheet and at about 6pm headed down to Cumnock RFC. I then watched The Chaser on ITV1 London. I like it so much I am series linking it.

After the rugby training I headed out fairly quick and thats when I took video of Billy.

So today I am relaxing. I have done follow friday, but I am going to leave it on twitter. You all have a good weekend.