Monday, 23 August 2010

My weekend

marr1Image by trobertc via Flickr
That was quite a weekend.

As you can see from earlier in the blog Cumnock RFC played Marr. Marr are a good team but the boys have been worked hard. Both teams were out. Sally was coming to visit me at 4pm so I left the game a few minutes early to get up the hill. I have a chair to watch the rugby as well and its nice and light to carry.

Next I went home in Auchinleck as Sally was due. I had a banana sandwich (Harry) and some tea. Sally, Alex and Xander arrived and we headed to mum's. Unknown to most of you (atleast online) I was heading to Fife to give someone a surprise. Mum and Andy had just been to Ireland for a holiday. Their bus driver was not good. After a couple of hours I left with Alex and co.

We got to Fife and had a lovely piece of meat for supper and a Caffreys.

I watched Match of the Day and there was some fine goals that night. It was a good day and I had a fairly good sleep, my usual.

On Sunday I had my usual cereal then a fry-up (grilled). My nephew David is 19 years old in a few weeks and I was going to get his birthday present with him on Sunday as well.

David my brother with Terri had said he was coming down to Sally's. When David arrived I got warned he was here and gave him a big surprise by saying hello. The look was great. That's why I didn't publicise the trip. I heard how David was as he had been in hospital (It takes quite a bit to get me making this kind of trip, but David is one of them).

After that David (nephew) and me headed to Kirkcaldy to get his birthday. David got some footwear and DVD (I think). The trip around shops did tire me out. I won't really do that kind of shopping trip again. We went back to Leven when we were done and I stayed in for rest of the night.

Today as you can see I went from Glenrothes to Glasgow then Glasgow to Auchinleck. Cheers to Sally for lift to Glenrothes.

Tomorrow I am going to get Sky+ installed because my freeview signal keeps on disappearing so I am looking forward to that, I am even getting sport. Wednesday I have dentist (I guess a check-up). I got referred for that. Thursday I am back at INR clinic at EACH. You think I have a busy week?