Thursday, 1 July 2010

Wednesday and Thursday

On Wednesday we went shopping me and support went shopping. I still have a limit on how much standing/walking I can do physically. We finished the shopping with the correct stuff even with rubbish labels in lidl. We got home and i relaxed some more and we MADE spagbol for dinner from scratch after 4pm with my support (I have to know whats in it). It was great. Last night I went to the rugby club quiz and the team I was in won.

Today was a bit harder. I went to East Ayrshire Community Hospital for INR check (it was ok) with my support. Next I waited for a bus, it was 30 minutes after the test. After that I was tired I was going to Cumnock Health Centre for prescription (it wasn't ready). I taxi'd home and sat down. My support was in later and I told them what happenned. I finished my spagbol for dinner tonight (more economical) Tonight I relax.