Thursday, 21 January 2010

Social Media Podcast 13

Well I do normally listen to the social media podcast and a new one came out Wednesday 20 January, number 13. On the first point the social media podcast on around 4th January was number one in podcast charts. Kyle, Gordon and Malcolm are correct they have a lot of feeds but if I remember right there was a lot of trouble in Iran that day and social media is showing what is happening there than state tv for example is. It was still well done for getting that high.

Also they went up again when Alistair Campbell was at the iraq inquiry. People would read I watched it all day on BBC news channel and I used twitter frequently that day. As Kyle said, Alistair did social media podcast 8 which kinda made me a fan of his.

Alistair definately knows his stuff and the fact that he was there all day with basically blanket coverage shows for the man he is. I agreed on the media having there on take on certain parts. The laugh he had with his sandwich was quite good.

I also like the part on skynews getting there staff to use tweetdeck.

Right now onto Evan Ratliff the wired writer. It is a wonderful article, took me ages to read. Eddie Gilmour talks a lot of sense though. Evan appeared to be online a lot when he was out there, making clues to himself. It did come in handy when he knew he had to run out of airport.
It was day 16 he got found according to article. That was an expensive book launch for Evan to go to as the $5000 reward to find him, he had to give $3000 and give himself. I am glad it went to charity.

That red lazer app sounds very rubbish. I listen to the audioboo the guys do. There quite good. I even just created a account of my own.

Cheers guys.