Friday, 1 January 2010

My festive period at Cumnock RFC

Well I don't believe I am doing this, but I am.

As I have been saying for a while the Cumnock RFC Hogmanay party was on last night. I bought a ticket for a £5. I know that doesn't sound much but I am unemployed the now with phone bills, electric, gas, travel occasionally and the odd drink.

As some of you may have noticed I have spent quite a lot of time of Cumnock rugby club. On 23rd December I was there from 3pm to about 10pm. I had a small drink that night, but it was an ok night. On Christmas eve I was there from 5pm to 10pm, almost nobody was in again until 9.20 when 12 people came in from a cumnock community group. We asked them if they wanted another drink at 9.50 and they didn't so we closed about 10.15pm after it I went into Cumnock again and had some fun.

The club was closed Christmas Day. I went to Carol's then went to my cousin peachy for Christmas Dinner. I was down at my mums staying. It was a lot easier seeing as East Ayrshire Council dont clear paths or side roads of snow/ice (its nearly 2 weeks since the freezing temperatures started. I hope it get warms soon the weather forecast doesn't look good.

It was a good day Christmas Day until I walked home which took 80 minutes. On Boxing Day I wanted to talk to Alex Dunsmuir, the Cumnock RFC president about the set up of karaoke machine. On the 23rd I had set most of it up. Alex was down at the club so I went down. Unfortunately no bus passed when I was heading down. I got there 30 minutes later. Alex had left but came back. The club closed at 7pm and I headed to the Sun where there was a band on later. I wasn't very sober that night. I left the pub after midnight (and no dinner).

The next day (with a sore head) I went down to club at 2.30 because Glasgow vs Edinburgh was on. I knew I couldnt tune the sky box to get STV. It is getting ITV Central the now. It created a bit of a problem. We just on time put the normal TV's on. I did the bar while we were busy to 6pm then I went home to Auchinleck (on the bus). I wasnt down in the club until last night now. I was at my mums the morning and had to go home to auchinleck to do something on the computer (2.5 miles), then did some stuff on pc and get gear ready for last night. Then I headed back to Cumnock at 3.30pm walking again (5 miles). Went to the bank, saw the mum of 1 of the barstaff there. I got back upto my mums, watched Knight Rider on 5
and headed to the club for 7pm. I saw John Cleland and told him where I was headed and he asked me if I was going to enjoy enjoy myself. I just said it would probably be busy (so in other words no). When I got to the club I got the karaoke equipment (apart from the mic), it was very quite at first. Alex had sorted the TV next to the bar to show that through in the hall (so BBC1 scotland when the bells come). One of the earlier people in asked about stock of bar (that isn't my area!).

It didnt get really busy until 10pm. There was a few people there that have been there before, The Horton's, Ramage's, Blackwood's. It wasn't the same. The first and last time I was behind the bar was to get Alex away from there serving drink. Budgie (who is pictured with me) bought me a drink. He is in the TA and is going to Afghanistan. Good luck. I couldnt say no to that drink.

Alex's family was there and he was occasionally at least enjoying himself when I wasn't asking him for mic or when a stupid player broke a glass bottle and wouldn't take something that probably had glass in it. They did the raffle and thats where I had to use the music system as I had the mic connected and then people got fed at the buffet. We watched Only An Excuse and it was a good laugh. I enjoyed that. At about 11.30 I sent out happy new year text before people would wait forever to send/receive text.

After the bells went I discovered myself over there, people celebrating Happy New Year and I was over there myself beside the mic (which controls the tv volume), in a room full of people I felt very lonely. After some people said happy new year to their families I did say happy new years to a few people.

The DJ (one of the parents of youth section, sorry dont know your name (I did try to check). He was very good. He was going to do a couple of songs but people kept dancing so it kept going at 1am it was still dancing and Alex said maybe they wanted that. I thought he was right. I unpluged the karaoke equipment (the reason I wasn't drinking much) and was going to put it in the right room but the key wasnt at the bar. After looking around for 10 minutes for the key I told Alex (who I was trying to leave alone) about the key and Alex had it. I got the key and put the stuff away (the TV sound stuff was still on). Alex even asked me if I wanted a drink but I wasn't really in the mood at this point.
I got the stuff away and left without saying goodbye to any of them. One of the barstaff saw me put my jacket, hat and gloves, phone (with radio). I walked up to my mums and was there by 2am (very early) after walking about 7 miles throughout the day.I went to bed fresh and got up fine at 9.30am this morning. At 11am I left mums and came home to Auchinleck. I feel bad for being depressing the now but this is something I have to get this off my chest.

The rugby club just feels like a job for me the now (which doesn't pay a penny, it costs money). All the Irn Bru I drank last night I bought (I know Alex wanted to give me a drink, but you know that was a no). It isn't one I am enjoying either. I just do what I have to do and thats it. You know about give and take, well I think I am giving all my time and all it is taking that too much. Alex is just about to have a holiday, so I hope he enjoys it.

I know we are all suppose to be happy the now being new year, I just can't do that.

I hope everyone is having a good new year.