Monday, 7 December 2009

Monday 7 December & Tuesday 8 Dec.

Well that was fun today. I watched the american football on channel 5 last night. I had went to bed at 9.20pm and got back up at 12.50 for Minessota vs Arizona. Arizona was winning easily at 4am so I headed back to bed. I also did some publicise on next Cumnock RFC Friends and formers players event on 16th January during it. I also had fun talking to my american friends about the game. It was fun.

I went to bed, I think I got back to sleep about 5am (drinking coffee during games did keep me slightly awake), got up at 9am. I did feel fine.

Today I headed into Cumnock at 11.30am, took a walk upto
View Larger Map">Caponacre Industrial Estate, looking for something The burger van up there sells cheese burgers for £1.60 (I might not buy there again).
Next I visited my mum and andy at home. Did some talking and then headed to my cousins and chatted with him until 6.30pm (catching up).

I then headed to
View Larger Map">Cumnock RFC for mini/midi committee meeting which started at 7pm. It went well. We finished at 9.30pm. It was a bit foggy when I went home. Now I am a bit tired and heading for some sleep. When I got home I did the stats for 1st XV. Unfortuantely you have to have joined pitchero website to see the stats (and the forum)

I am now heading for bed as I am a bit tired.

I got up at 8.30am. I applied for several jobs as I emailed atleast 3 people my cv. Filled out 2 application forms. I then went out printed 2 cv's, sent a package for my mum. I printed out a cv for one of the app forms and headed to Cumnock.

When I got off the bus I said hello to a couple of people. I then handed in the app form then did some shopping in farmfoods in cumnock.

When I was on bus home I listened to newsbeat on radio 1 on these gold dealers on tv. It was very interesting and here is the link.

Now I have headed home and just going to have sausage sandwiches. I wonder what @birssy will say to my question.

There is the answer, coffee.

Relaxing afternoon now.