Wednesday, 5 August 2009


Oh dear its been a bad day. Firstly about 24 hrs ago i lost my weekly bus ticket with 2 full days to payday. Walked to mum 2 miles away to borrow cash. Meant i walked 4 extra miles last night. Got home and bed just after 11pm.

Got up 6am as normal, shaved about 630 and hear on westfm dunure rd was closed (thats main rd to work). Head to ayr after getting ready.

Get on bus to work, still closed and we only run to doonfoot. So go there and bus stop there 850 (shop opens 900. Walk mile and a half/2 miles very quickly arrive 910 shop open.

Now i was 1st walker in from that bus and other staff arrive later. I dont get much peace during day. Trying to push staff to do there work, others bril as usual.
Ice cream ok
Until 430 when it went mad. Couldnt deal with tills until we were closed. Finished 530 and got lift to ayr.

Guess what i am doing tonight. NOTHING.